Friday, May 18, 2007


This is in response to the highly charged issue that "seems" to be preserving the India's cultural values.

To begin with, it's the "kiss" that seems to be topping the charts these days. There might be children dying in the slums due to lack of proper medical care, and cases like Jessica Lal's pending and uncared for, but the "moral" brigade seems to be too concerned about who kissed who and who bedded who to even look into such critical matters.

Since it all started with a kiss, let's just keep the tempo on. I have been going through such articles since a long time back and even today, as of now, I must say that the wolves who call themselves the "Moral Brigade" have not highlighted any reason for doing what they are seemingly good at. Taking the case of Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty for example, I did not find anything obscene in how Richard demonstrated the very fact that kissing does not spread AIDS, and the entire country has the same to say. Besides, if Shilpa did not complain and Gere has already expressed his regret regarding this issue, why in God's name do these wolves not calm down and return to their dens? And if the moral brigade does claim to be nipping obscenity and immorality in the bud, then why did it fail to give justice to a village woman who was paraded naked in front of the Panchayat for a crime she had not even committed? Where was the moral brigade then?

Also, banning channels that air scintillating shows on televisions in India does not seem to be the solution to dealing with lack of ethics in Indian society. It's totally irrelevant. After all, don't adults and maried couples have the right to privacy and the right to give each other company when the kids are sleeping? I agree that children and minors are vulnerable to these things, but it can be resolved if the parents give their children some moral education at home rather than leave them to their own devices and let them find it out themselves which clearly expresses their unwillingness and ridiculous fear in approaching the subject.

Another food for thought that I would like to throw to the thinking minds is that if there are a lot of men frequenting their visits to nightclubs and watching and ogling at semi-clad bar-girls and satiating their libidos, why should they even condemn the same thing at the same time. I definitely refuse to believe that these "sentinels of morality" are clean-collared and have never engaged in such activities. Though I do not blame them for finding ways to satiate their lust for flesh, but why do they condemn their own actions? It's like relishing what the enemy has to offer and then condemning it. That's what I and everyone who's sensible calls an outright farce.

So here's a message to all the "moral soldiers" out there......all these fatwas and PILs are nothing more than "One-Minute-To-Fame" reality shows and nothing more than that. Try teaching people the importance of Indian ethics and run youth campaigns to spread awareness among the youngsters of the nation. Resorting to other means is just a cheap act.

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